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Developing a Trading Plan Print
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Do you want to be in the top 5% of investors? Quick - grab a pen and paper and get writing. A trading plan can provide you with the sound framework that you need to succeed in the sharemarket. 

In this article, Louise Bedford highlights what to include in your plan, when to enter and exit your position in the sharemarket and the key to managing risk.


How to Make Big Profits with Currency Trading Systems Print
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Currency trading systems have become more popular than ever in recent years.

Here we will look at the advantages of currency trading systems and how to pick one that's right for you.

Trend Following the Key to Big Profits

As economic cycles of boom and bust take years, so do currency trends that mirror the health of the economy.

Traders who can spot and lock into these trends can make substantial profits.

Profitable Trading Systems Print
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After you have found a profitable trading system that you already back-tested, how can you be sure that this system will produce the same gains in future. Nobody can predict the future, your system can easily make losses in next years or can be no tradable. There are some tests you must do before accepting a trading system, these tests swill show the robustness of your system and when passing these tests, it will be more likely to show gain in future.
Forex Trading Patterns Print
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Profits from Your Calendar

Most traders have heard of seasonal patterns, something which is mostly associated with commodities. The foreign exchange market also has calendar patterns which influence trading, and just like in commodities, traders can take advantage of them to improve their odds for success and profits.

System Development Secrets Print
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People are attracted to the markets to make money. They have high expectations about making this money using skills and techniques mostly learned from the experiences gained from other endeavours. Part of the attraction of investing in the stock market is also the apparent liberty to do whatever they like while the market is open. This feeling of freedom coupled with their high expectations will last for as long as their account is not in drawdown. This may take a single trade or many trades, however, drawdown is inevitable.
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